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About Us

Following the Inspiration, Uplift & Enjoyment of the Sacred Heart Sound Festival, Jan 2020. The Sacred Heart Collective was born. 

The Sacred Heart Collective holds a heart-centred vision which is as follows:

“To facilitate and co-create healing spaces using the power of sacred sound, song, chant & movement to inspire, uplift and connect. Elevating consciousness -Celebrating Life.

To carry out this sacred work as a collective of equal participants sharing inspiration, workload, support & reward directly related to events organised in alignment with, and in the service of this vision.”

The Sacred Heart Collective is a not for profit community association. Events support local musicians, artists & healers as well as giving 10% of profits to a chosen charity.

Why You Should Join Us

Join the Tribe, because Together we can change the world, and make a better world for all.

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